Lisa Marie's special sex lesson

Ryan is late, but Lisa Marie Heart doesn't mind. She's ready for him.

"Are you ready for your lesson?" she says.

She unbuttons her top revealing her big, fake tits in a fetishy outfit. Actually, outfit is a generous word for what she's wearing. It covers nothing, not even her pussy. What kind of lesson is this going to be? A sex lesson!

"I'm going to give you a lesson you're never gonna forget," she says. "I'm going to teach you how to make love to a woman. How to play with boobs like this. Not too hard and not too soft. I'm going to teach you everything you need to know. I'm going to teach you how to lick this pussy, and I'm going to suck your cock really good and you're never gonna forget."

Lisa Marie, who's a mother and a grandmother, is an excellent cock-sucker. She's good at sucking balls, too, and she loves tasting her pussy on Ryan's cock. She gets fucked hard every which way in her old, shaved cunt and opens her mouth for his cum. Looks like this lesson was a success!

60PlusMILFs: What kind of guys come up to you in a bar? Older? Younger?
Lisa Marie: I don't look my age, so mostly younger.

60PlusMILFs: What are you best at sexually?
Lisa Marie: I'm good at blow jobs. I really do like the way a dick feels in my mouth. I don't do blowjobs with condoms. Who wants to suck a condom? It ruins the experience. I also give lessons to wives if they ask me to. I give lessons in giving blowjobs.

60PlusMILFs: What are these women doing wrong?
Lisa Marie: They just don't know what they're doing. They don't watch porn. They don't open their mouths enough. I like to play with the balls. I use my hands, my mouth. It's an all-over experience. And I've given my girlfriends lessons in blow jobs. The key is to make a lot of eye contact and keep your hands moving at all times. Feel their body cues. Some are really shy. I've had quite a few virgins, so you have to take it slow with them.

60PlusMILFs: What's the oldest virgin you've had?
Lisa Marie: Twenty-four. And I had sex with a guy who was 80. He had no trouble. He came like three times.

Lisa Marie's special sex lesson

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