Ivanna Lace: Beauty & The Breasts

A friend told Ivanna Lace about The SCORE Group. It took some time for XL Girls and Ivanna Lace to set up a photo session. Almost seven months, in fact. Finally, the dates were worked out, proving that patience pays off dividends. Ivanna is pretty spectacular.

"I can wear anything," Ivanna said. "Big breasts always draw attention and I like to wear cleavage tops. I am very proud of my body. I developed early and I always got a lot of attention."

Ivanna works in the beauty business. "I am a master of manicure and pedicure services. I like creative beauty." She chose a variation of a hot schoolgirl outfit for this video and matching photo set. Good choice, Ivanna.

In a separate video, Ivanna chats about herself. She speaks English, and very charming English at that.

Ivanna Lace: Beauty & The Breasts

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