Alexsis Faye Racks Them Up

Alexsis Faye wishes to challenge you to a game of pool. Friends, you don't stand a chance. As soon she walked down the stairway, before she climbed on the green felt, it was game over for you.

Alexsis has so much going for her, what would she point out as her best features, if that were even possible.

"My boobs. I am lucky with them. I got to shoot for SCORELAND, no? Another would be my ability to adapt to new things."

What does Alexsis do for someone special?

"For my man I would always try to make him feel special by complimenting him, from his smile to a new shirt. I would ask him all the time about his desires and what turns him on.

"Also, to keep the fire alive, I would take him by surprise. For example, in a public place when he expects it the least. Another thing I love to do is whisper in his ear all the things I wish he would do to me and that definitely will give him a hard-on. And my favorite thing I love is face-sitting him."

Alexsis Faye Racks Them Up

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