Boobs, Glorious Boobs

It's a Maya Milano first as the very busty beauty spreads and pleasures her pussy, something the brunette knockout has never done before on-camera.

Maya Milano pulls her blouse down, revealing her big, perfect boobs encased in a tight pink brassiere. She runs her hands over her bra and, after glancing at the camera, squeezes her tits, her fingers sinking into the soft, natural breast-flesh.

Smiling, Maya licks her forefinger and sticks it in her deep cleavage. Her bulging boobs look like they will overflow her cups. She lowers the straps off her shoulders and unhooks the bra, throwing it to the floor. Those incredible, massive breasts have been freed.

Maya slips off her panties and discards them too. Leaning back in the chair, she opens her legs. Her fingers lightly circle her pussy then part the lips. Breathing heavily, Maya sticks a finger inside and makes circles, rubbing one out for the first time.

Comments Rex, "Maya Milano truly has the Voluptuous body you are known for. Those thighs are the ideal ones to wrap around ones neck!"

S.C. has to praise Maya too. "Maya Milano is fantastic, exactly the kind of girl I love seeing pose for you. She reminds me of both Karina Hart and Natalie Fiore. Stunning lady and I hope we see more of her."

Boobs, Glorious Boobs

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