Bouncing Boobs Lineup Photos

Bouncing Boobs Lineup Photos

This SCORE Girl lineup filmed in March of 1999 used a police-style lineup set to definitively show the differences in height and proportions of Chloe Vevrier, Jessica Turner, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Autumn-Jade and "Russian" Kathy.

Jessica, Kathy and American Autumn were relatively new. Linsey had been modeling for several years and was an established star on the big-bust scene as well as in mainstream media, a celebrity in the UK. A part-time agent herself, she discovered Jessica and Kerry Marie and alerted SCORE's director of photography John Graham about them.

Several lineup photos were published in August '99 SCORE magazine. This concept was the inspiration for all later lineups (On Location Key Largo, The Mega-Boob Olympics).

Most boob-men love to see models compare bodies and the lineup concept is the ultimate in this. The girls were very merry, jubilant, high-spirited and vivacious during the lineup, just the way any photographer would want models to be, especially for a group grope shoot like this.

Ten minutes of the video of this lineup were added to the movie Bouncing Boobs.

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