Linsey Dawn McKenzie & Jessica Turner in Portugal

Linsey Dawn McKenzie & Jessica Turner in Portugal

In May of 1999, a group of big-busted girls traveled from London to a SCORE magazine shoot at a villa in Algarve, Portugal. The bubbly, bouncy, buoyant group included Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Jessica Turner, Adele Stephens, Annette Christiansen, Teresa May and Jade.

That week featured a round-robin of photo shoots: Jessica and Kerry. Lorna and Kerry. Lorna and Jessica. And this pictorial: Linsey and Jessica.

"Linsey Dawn McKenzie first approached me when I was partying in a trendy London night spot called Browns, and said that John Graham from SCORE magazine would love me and my big boobs!" said Jessica in an interview in late 2000.

"She gave me his telephone number and here I am! I admire Linsey and think she has got a lot of guts and real confidence. I would like her fame but all this is quite new to me, and I have got to take one step at a time."

One of the editors affectionately called Jessica "The Girl With The Archy Eyebrow" because in photos she sometimes would arch one eyebrow and flash a mischievous smile.

"My breasts first blossomed when I was 12. I was a C cup, and from then on, they just got bigger and bigger. I definitely find that having very large breasts has made my life different.

"I always get attention wherever I go. Sometimes it's good attention and sometimes it's bad. Some people even choose to laugh at me but I guess they are jealous! I did find it harder when I was younger, now I just take it with a grain of salt.

"I buy a lot of Marks and Spencer bras as they are always a lovely fit and are comfortable. However, Charnos and Playtex bras suit me. The most-recent brand I have bought has been Triumph. I think this make is my new favourite."

Jessica sailed on Boob Cruise 2000 (April 29th-May 5th) with Linsey and Lorna. Everyone celebrated her 21st birthday on May 1 aboard the Windjammer ship The Legacy, anchored off St. Croix.

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