Adele Stephens & Russian Kathy

Adele Stephens & Russian Kathy

Both Kathy and Adele did a large number of girl-girl photo shoots in England. It was inevitable that they would cross paths at the The SCORE Group studio. Kathy had a natural propensity for girl-on-girl shoots and so did Adele who did dozens of them.

Kathy had moved from Moscow to London where she felt she had more opportunities in adult-style modeling plus the freedom to travel. While Moscow held very limited opportunities for adult models, London was a big hub of men's magazine production with dozens of photography studios providing pictorials to the editors in constant need of content.

"My real name is Katarina," said Kathy in 1999. "A lot of my fans like to call me Kat but of course I am known as Kathy in SCORE magazines."

Kathy had a boob job after her SCORE years and became a solo glamour and fetish clothing model. Adele, however, was staying true to her natural calling. "Even if I had small breasts, I wouldn't consider getting breast implants," Adele commented. "My natural breasts get me work."

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