Kerry Marie & Linsey Dawn McKenzie: Bras & Panties Outdoors

Kerry Marie & Linsey Dawn McKenzie: Bras & Panties Outdoors

This set of Linsey and Kerry was one of many pictorials shot at a villa in Algarve, Spain during a large SCORE photo shoot in April of 1999 that included Jessica Turner, Annette Christianson, Lorna Morgan, Jade, Adele Stephens and Teresa May. The set was like a huge, mostly British sorority house of big-boobed beauties. That week resulted in many magazine sets and two videos, On Location Portugal and Busty Euro Babes.

For a change of pace, Linsey and Kerry wore bras and panties at the beginning of this shoot instead of swimsuits.

"Sunbathing in my backyard is the only way I can wear a bathing suit back home," Kerry said in 2003 during a visit to SCORE's studio in America.

"I don't go sunbathing at my home beach. I attract too much attention. It's just not worth the hassle. I can't be bothered with it. But it's not so much the guys coming up to me and staring at me, it's the girls as well. They make comments.

"Generally, they're looking at my boobs. Some of them are sweet, but some of them are just amazed. Their first question is, 'Are they real?' So I'll say, 'Yes, they are real.' Sometimes I feel like putting a tattoo on my boobs that says, 'They're real.'

"I went on holiday to Cyprus a few years ago and this guy at the hotel, the whole time, kept asking me, 'Can I rub lotion on you? Can I rub lotion on you?' He kept following me around and asking me that. It got to be an awful bother. The European guys are forward. The American guys aren't as forward. They tend to be much more polite."

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