Sara Gets Fucked In The Models' Dressing Room

"I like to tease the men taking my pictures too," said Sara. "I look at all of my pictures and videos."

George is eager to bury his tool between her legs.

"I like men with big cocks and I enjoy it when a man is excited looking at me and wants to fuck me. That is a compliment and flattering. I think about all kinds of sexy ideas when I am with a man. Sometimes I will masturbate when I look at my videos. I try to actually cum when I cum in the video."

Sara enjoys making a day of it at the studio and doesn't run in and run out.

"It was my dream to be a model. I like to study my poses and how I look in different positions. I like to find positions that give me and my partners the most-fun and pleasure."

Sara Gets Fucked In The Models' Dressing Room

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