Not Your Dad's Farmer's Daughter

"I have all my SCORE magazines at home in frames on the wall of my little bedroom," said Katie Thornton, British bombshell. This is something we rarely hear. Most models don't tell us what they do with the magazines they appear in.

"I'm really proud of them. I've enjoyed everything I've done. I love my hair, my makeup, my sexy dresses. It's all good."

Katie's modeled for SCORE in Florida and in Prague. This scene was shot in the countryside near Prague. We've yet to photograph Katie in her native England.

"I like being recognized. I was in Los Angeles, in Hollywood, and a guy stopped me in the street and asked me if I was Katie Thornton. He'd seen me on the internet."

Katie also owns a beauty salon near Manchester. She studied her craft in beauty school.

"I used to work in it a lot but now I work there once a week. I've got three girls working for me."

Not Your Dad's Farmer's Daughter

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