Sheridan squirts

Short 'n' stacked Sheridan Love, who made us wait four long years before she finally decided to fuck on-camera then went cock-wild when she did, fucks the doctor in this fantasy scene. The pervy doctor decides she needs a breast exam on-the-spot. She's okay with that. Of course she is. He feels her tits. She likes it.

Then she tells Dr. Rios, "Sometimes when I orgasm, I have water or fluid."

"You ejaculate," he explains. "That can actually happen if you hit the G-spot. When you had an orgasm, that released the fluid in there, so you shouldn't have to worry about that."

"You can just show me," Sheridan says.

Wow, what a cooperative patient! And what a helpful doctor. He uses his finger to make Sheridan squirt again and again.

Well, by this point, she's so turned on that she needs his cock in her mouth and pussy. They fuck right there in the examination room, and it's very intimate sex. You can tell they're really into each other. In the end, the doctor squirts his load in Sheridan's mouth.

SCORELAND: Tell us about this scene with Carlos Rios.

Sheridan: Carlos is a great guy with a big dick. This scene was wet and slippery. Something about a man in a white lab coat that really gets me hot!

SCORELAND: How was Carlos' "bedside manner?" You two really went at it!

Sheridan: Who could ask for a better doctor? He did a thorough examination.

SCORELAND: What did you think of the doctor-patient theme?

Sheridan: I thought it was very fun and kinky! I think next time I want to play the doctor!

Sheridan squirts

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