Office Bust-Out

Claudia KeAloha has the right qualifications for the job as a strict manager who gets the tables turned on her by a hung employee. She brings out the beast in her staff with her sexy bod, big tits and a fresh mouth that could suck a golf ball through a hose.

But it's not Claudia's mouth that is injected with cum, it's her tight pussy that's packed with a hot load which is squeezed out in a cream pie filling. It's office politics at its horniest.

"What's sexy to me about one guy from the next? Pheromones, I suppose. Body chemistry. Some guys, for no particular reason, are a turn on.

Claudia is almost always the bustiest exotic entertainer in the club she's dancing in.

"I never find my size. But I try to squeeze into a DDD-cup. I am a triple-E but it's a size that is very hard to find, especially since I am 36" around my ribs. You know, it's the cup size that tells how huge the boobies really are!"

Office Bust-Out

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