Flexible Fox

Flexible Fox

23-year-old Nina was living in London as a foreign student and going to university when she posed once in December of 1993. She was slim and moderately busty yet curvy with natural tits and a fine, thick bush.

Nina was very limber and flexible, as this set shows. She wrote on her model form she dropped off on the way out of the studio that "Posing nude was easy because I sunbathe naked most of the time anyway. Doing it on-camera was nothing different."

Nina had no problem spreading her legs open but didn't spread her pussy open with her fingers for pink shots. She did do a lot of creative posing without direction that many of the new, full-time models of today don't think of doing, like the one leg up in high heels pose (#55).

Although photographed in 1993, this photo shoot was published in February 1995 SCORE.

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