Elaine: In & Out British Totty

Elaine: In & Out British Totty

One of the editors of Voluptuous called Elaine "the total Voluptuous package." He saw some qualities about her that made him request two photo sets. Elaine was the discovery of a now-retired British freelance photographer who never said how he found her. Chances are she answered his newspaper ad.

Elaine was an office worker from Tottenham who decided that nude modeling was something she wanted to try out of sheer curiosity.

"My mum told me I'd better get married soon because I'll have no chance when I turn 30," Elaine told that editor in a phone call. An unusual comment to make to a men's magazine editor. She was 22 at the time.

It always amazed us how many big-titted British women who dabbled in nude modeling in the 1980s and 1990s actually worked full-time or part-time in offices. Elaine had a facial resemblance to brunette American porn star Fawn Miller but that was the extent of the resemblance. Her pictorials appeared in December 1998 and October 1999 Voluptuous. This was the first shoot. Elaine didn't want to do any video modeling, for reasons she didn't explain.

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