Sleek and Stacked

Sleek and Stacked

"My number-one hobby is beer! I'd better admit it because every time Alyssa Alps has her camera in her hand, I have a beer in mine!" said Nicole Tyler. "My favorite beer? Coors Light, Coors Light, Coors Light. Oh, did I mention Coors Light? It's the only beer I drink."

Nicole and Alyssa are bosom buddies.

"Nicole is one of my best friends," Alyssa wrote. "We've been together since the beginning of our careers in 1991, when we met over beers, of course, at Weasels, way up north in Eagle River, Wisconsin. First it was paging, then phone calls, then sleepovers whenever she was in the area. Then she moved into my place, then she moved out to Ohio, and our cell phones and emails came in handy to keep talking."

Nicole won the Club Owners Favorite Dancer award at the 2004 Gentlemen's Club Owners Expo.

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