Cowgirls & Big Boobs

Cowgirls & Big Boobs

L.A. Bust was an immediate hit on the national club circuit. Like most of the popular feature dancers, she developed a core of fans who would patronize the club she was appearing in for the week (usually four days of shows). They'd see her magazine spreads and find out when she was being booked at a club near them. She would sit with them for chats, instant photos and table dancing.

Wrote L.A., "If you have never experienced a table dance, you're really missing out. Imagine an exotic dancer stripping down to her G-string or nude if legal and physically seducing you right at your table.

"We do this by rubbing up and down your body, sometimes stopping with our mouth on your zipper and rubbing our chin on it. Then we turn around and bend over, swaying our hips as if to invite you in. Once your dick is so hard, it's ready to blow, we sit in your lap and grind our ass on it."

The big-bust feature dancer club circuit is a thing of the past now. The big years are over and big-bust strippers are very difficult to find today. Strip clubs have taken a beating from the web-cams (Montreal and Toronto used to be major centers for many strip clubs) but there will always be guys who want to see sexy girls in the flesh and get lap and table dances.