Jeannine Oldfield & the Cadillac

Jeannine Oldfield & the Cadillac

In January, 1989, Jeannine Oldfield and photographer John Graham flew to Las Vegas to attend the Consumer Electronics Show. At the time, the CES combined the electronics industry and, at a separate location, the adult video industry. It was a massive show that filled the hotels and casinos with business people, actresses and models.

SCORE founder John Fox met Jeannine for the first time at this expo.

"Jeannine was a big girl, about 5'9" and wasn't interested in dressing sexy or acting out the glamorous life of a model. She was wearing a bulky fur coat, blue jeans and cowboy boots every time I saw her and she had an almost gangly gait.

"Jeannine moved freely amongst the crowds at the Las Vegas show without getting a second look. With all of the porn starlets and glamorous exotic dancers competing for attention, few in the crowd could have known that this big, raw boned English girl would someday be a legend."

John Graham rented a Cadillac Eldorado convertible and drove to the desert for this series of photos. The British beauty sitting naked on the plush red seats and laying on the hood led to some exciting picture-taking.

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