Fucked by an angel

Barbara Angel is a girl in the Czech Republic who lives an ordinary, quiet life and only dabbles in adult movies. She connected with one of our contributing photographers and they clicked, so she modeled multiple times with him. She has an office job, she has a dog and she has her hobbies. Barbara also has enormous breasts and big, expressive eyes. She doesn't have a porn star look or manner in any way. She has a happy-to-be-here demeanor.

Barbara really gets into her scenes, either solo or XXX. She can easily suck her own nipples. What I really like about her style is how she eye-bangs the camera during most of the video and barely looks at and acknowledges the guy. Her partner is just a prop for her, a human dildo. This approach also makes her the star of the show. There's no 50-50 going on here like there would be with a porn guy who's well-known. In still photos, the girls usually look at the camera, but in videos, they look at the guys unless it's a point-of-view shoot.

When I email her questions, she promptly replies.

SCORELAND: How important is sex in your life?

Barbara: Quite a lot. I am very horny. And I think sometimes you can measure a good relationship by how good the sex is.

SCORELAND: Who's in charge in the bedroom, you or your partner?

Barbara: I prefer when it's my partner in control.

SCORELAND: Have you ever gone out with a guy who didn't like tits?

Barbara: Yes, but luckily I've got a nice ass!

SCORELAND: How do you like your breasts to be touched?

Barbara: I like light, soft touches like a butterfly brushing against them.

Fucked by an angel

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