Sex Doll

Thalia Tate is an easy girl to please. If you're not available and she needs to get off, she'll call you up and masturbate to the sound of your voice. And if you can come over, she's into whatever you're into.

"I'm pretty much the submissive type," Thalia said. "I just let my man take over. If he comes in and wants to fuck my face, I'll let him do that. I've had other guys who just wanted to eat my pussy and my ass. What girl wouldn't love that?"

All of that sounds great, but we're greedy here at BootyLicious. We'd want to fuck Thalia's face, devour her cunt and then stuff our cocks inside her. If we're with a girl like this, we're going to bite off more than we can chew.

"Dominance in a man turns me on," Thalia added. "If you throw me onto the bed, bend me over and shove your cock inside me, you're going to get me off very quickly. Make me your sex doll."

Sex Doll

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