Sofia Deluxe: Sexy, Saucy & Sweet Senorita

"My dream is to visit Greece," said Sofia Deluxe. "I want to go to Santorini. I love to read about it and watch any travel shows or videos about Greece. I want to eat Greek food, drink ouzo, dance, break plates, swim and lie in the sun."

Posing for XL Girls and doing her webcam shows may help Sofia realize her dream holiday.

Sofia seems to be a popular first name in Colombia. In a short time, we filmed Sofia Deluxe, Sofia Damon and Sofia Santana!

"I love traveling and spending time outdoors. A nice lunch in a place with a lot of greenery. This house where XL Girls photographed me is like a dream. It's very relaxing and that makes me feel sexier and more confident.

"It's also been a wonderful learning experience for me. I watched how Carlo the photographer worked and it was fascinating. I am alone at home on the webcam so it was different to be naked and playing with myself with real people in front of me. It excited me."

Sofia Deluxe: Sexy, Saucy & Sweet Senorita

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