Suzie Boobies' Office Break

Suzie Boobies' Office Break

Suzie Boobies is the office sexbomb, playing with her big tits while she works at her 1991 PC and answers the phone. A true multi-tasker.

When Suzie did this pictorial and matching video in London, she also did two photo sets with Irish bra-buster Jay Sweet.

The 1990s were the glory years of big-bust strippers and the clubs that specialized in booking them, such as Flashdancers in New York and the Boobie Bungalow in Tennessee. So for Suzie, a popular feature showgirl who traveled from club to club across North America in the first half of the 1990s, demand for her appearances was non-stop.

Suzie was one of the popular names in the big-bust magazines of the early '90s with well over a dozen published pictorials. Like all of the top features, Suzie's costumes were elaborate, handmade and expensive, with bras designed to make her eye-popping cleavage even more eye-popping.

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