Lilli Xene: From Nurse to Bust Star

Lilli Xene: From Nurse to Bust Star

Originally a nurse, Lilli Xene talked candidly to a SCORE magazine editor about hardcore porn.

"There's a lot about the porn business that people outside of the business don't understand. It's every guy's dream but it isn't the easiest job in the world. I don't think people understand that it's very difficult for guys to perform. I actually feel sorry for the men in the XXX videos because they are under enormous amounts of pressure.

"Sometimes they are brand new, haven't done it before--a lot of them are just dancers--and they come into the studio very excited and up for the moment but they get very nervous. I've even had guys criticize me for using a condom because they claim it detracts from their sensitivity and they have a hard time keeping it up but it's not the condom. It's the business and it's a very difficult one.

"If I was a man and I had to perform with a woman I didn't know, that would be very hard. The cameras can be intimidating and so can all of the people watching. There's so much pressure and with today's actresses, they are always trying to do something different or shocking to set themselves apart from the pack."

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