Katrin: A Sucker For A Hard Dick

Katrin is a real looker. While she's on the smaller side for an XL Girl, Katrin earned praise for looks and her moves.

Katrin teases for a few minutes. Her sex date comes over to her to savor her big tits, losing his face in their softness. He stands and Katrin unbuckles him, takes his cock out and orally worships away, slow and sexy, in no hurry to move on.

The blonde knockout licks and kisses his balls with her skilled tongue and lips. Now it's time to fuck Katrin's tits. She licks the head of his cock as it plows through her cleavage. Most Euro studs move to pussy licking around now but this guy wants to bury his cock between this beautiful girl's legs. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh fills the room when she sits on him and bounces in her first fuck.

Katrin: A Sucker For A Hard Dick

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