Behind the locker room door

So a guy walks into a locker room and ends up getting his dick sucked and fucked by a hot, blonde, 45-year-old MILF named Samantha Ray. That, basically, is the idea of this video. And if you're wondering, "How come that never happens to me?" because the only thing you see in the locker room at your gym are old, fat guys with saggy balls, it had never happened before to this guy, either. So there's hope.

Actually, there's always hope when women like Samantha Ray are around.

"I did a DP with my husband and a male stripper for my birthday," she said. "I was out with my husband, we were parked on an old, gravel road, and I was sucking his cock and then we were fucking. Cars were passing by and honking. It was hot. I have done everything sexually I have set out to do, but I'm always open to a new adventure."

Like fucking a younger guy in a men's locker room?

"I've done that," Samantha Ray said.

And now she's done it again.

Behind the locker room door

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