A Breast Paradise With Lola

Lola Paradise was motivated to be a part of the world of XL Girls by her husband. It took Lola a year to decide and every second of waiting was worth it because she is a great addition. She was pleased to see the very voluptuous girls showcased in SCORELAND and XL Girls.

As a first timer, Lola was very nervous at first but after a short time, she quickly got used to the process and enjoyed being in the moment. She wanted to be in a magazine and that wish came true with a pictorial in Voluptuous Volume 27 Number 3 (on-sale May 26). Like the wives of other readers and members, Lola takes lots of photos at home but had never thought about doing it for a magazine or website.

Green-eyed blonde Lola is not a naturist but says that sometimes she bikes topless. "I always wear a bra," Lola said. "It would be too hard to walk or run without one."

Lola loves big breasts. The way she touches and sucks her breasts and the look in her eyes spells it out. "I get a lot of attention from men and women. I like it. It makes me feel special and amazing!"

Lola mentioned that her favorite SCORE Girl is Bridgette B. because she loves women who have the Barbie doll look. Her mother and grandmother are busty so it runs in the family.

"I like to buy push-up bras but it's hard to find my size. They are always making push-up bras for small boobs. I buy my bras in a special shop where they fit me. I cannot just walk into a store and buy them. The size depends on the company. I can wear from G-to-K, European size."

A Breast Paradise With Lola

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