Anastasia The French Doll

Notice anything different about Anastasia Doll?

Sensuous, seductive, stacked, sexy, Anastasia Doll has bedroom eyes to go with her bedroom body. Purring like a kitten and just as agile, the living doll from southern France opens her legs wide, shakes her ass, enjoys her big tits and pleasures her nipples. Your pleasure is her pleasure.

"Making photos and videos is my passion. I love the camera, I love to make love to the camera. As before, my interests are yoga and working out at the gym. My other interests are shopping and traveling. Seeing new cities and countries is one of my favorite pleasures."

Anastasia is one of those women who turns heads, whether it's at a resort's pool area where she's barely wearing a swimsuit or just sightseeing.

"People are often stunned when they see me and my enormous breasts. I love it and the feeling it gives me."

Anastasia The French Doll

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