Stairway to big-boob heaven

According to an AskMen survey of 5,000 guys, when it comes to pussy, only 5% like the all-natural look; 38% like trimmed pubes and 41% like baldies. The rest don't care. In the 1970s and early '80s, nearly every adult model had pubic hair. Today, nearly every adult model is shaved or waxed.

There are three main models who bring out the bush supporters, a small but vocal group of pussy hair enthusiasts. Vanessa Y. of Poland is one. She was voted 2015 Voluptuous Model of the Year. Then there's Mischel Lee, a Czech. They couldn't be more different physically, but they both sport thick thatches between their hot legs. They get guys who never write to send in their praise. That alone is impressive. The third is Shelby Gibson, wife of a SCORE magazine reader. She's extremely popular, too.

This video and photo set was taken during the SCORE On Location group shoot in the Dominican Republic. It was the first time Vanessa wasn't photographed in the Czech Republic and the first time she got to meet other famous TSG models.

This shoot made the hair crowd regulars happy. They'd get upset and write complaints because Vanessa had shaved or trimmed in other shoots. In some of the other Dominican scenes shot after this, she's shaved, and the more-hardcore hirsute-lovers actually wrote that they felt betrayed, which was nobody's intention. Their point was it shouldn't be hair today, gone tomorrow. I love Vanessa whether she has a smooth taco or a muff on her muffin. I think she looks sensational either way.

"Even today in Europe, you don't see a lot of busty nude models with such a large bush," said her regular photographer, a man I first met on the Boob Cruise in 1997 before he went pro. "She is a rarity."

All I can say is, hair's to Vanessa. Bald, trimmed or bushy, she's a super-fox.

Stairway to big-boob heaven

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