Effie Balconi: Germany's Sex Star

Effie Balconi: Germany's Sex Star

German bra-buster Effie Balconi can definitely claim the title of her country's most prolific busty porn star. Depending on who's doing the research, Effie made anywhere from 40 to 65 hardcore and Lesbian movies.

Because Effie had so many pseudonyms (over 15), an accurate number of movies is difficult to determine, although some porn completists have tried. Many of them are still only in VHS tape format and are nearly impossible to find.

This softcore photo shoot with her new English friend Marino was shot on a different set (and they wear different clothing) than the video "Effie & The Voyeur." The voyeur angle is dispensed with in this pictorial. Effie handles his cock with typical German efficiency and precision. This kind of softcore still shoot of the past was much tougher on the guy because he had to keep erect for the still pictures without getting sucked and fucked and actually shooting a load of cum. For those new to the history of adult magazines sold at newsstands, hardcore sex photos were not published before the year 2000.

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