Michelle Willings: April 1995 Voluptuous Girl

Michelle Willings: April 1995 Voluptuous Girl

This photo set of Michelle Willings was published in April 1995 Voluptuous magazine. Michelle was the covergirl.

While unknown in America until her appearances in TSG magazines and a few videos, Michelle was a very well-known magazine star in the UK during the 1990s. She was also well-known in Japan through Bachelor, a publication that's been called the SCORE magazine of Japan.

Michelle was called a cross-over model by the editors because she could fit into SCORE magazine which features both naturals and augmented girls and Voluptuous, a magazine that's strictly naturals.

When her schedule wasn't occupied by shoots, Michelle enjoyed rollerblading, reading and needlepoint.

We're often asked where the glamour girls of yesteryear like Michelle are today. The answer is we don't know what most of them are doing or where they are. It's impossible to keep track. They get married and raise kids. They start new careers, often in the health care industry. A few legendary names keep going like Carol Brown in the UK and Minka and Kayla Kleevage. A few others have resurfaced on social media, such as Debee Ashby.

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