Brandy Talore: Young Brandy's Dick-down

Brandy Talore: Young Brandy's Dick-down

Ohio stripper Brandy Talore's earliest shoots in 2003 were solos, usually with toys. This early (2004) hardcore scene of Brandy getting fucked by Anthony Rosano was part of an all-Brandy DVD called Bangin' Brandy Talore. There was so much footage shot with two cameras that the split-screen technique was used for SCOREClassics.

Porn reviewer Roger Pipe wrote, "From day one she has been a natural choice for SCORE stardom. She is a beautiful woman with huge, natural tits that round out her soft curves perfectly. In Bangin' Brandy Talore, she gets to show off her body during some solo action and in one hardcore boy-girl."

As soon as Brandy had her porn cherry popped, it was like a boiling pot overflowing. From then on, Brandy began shooting porn non-stop for years.

In the beginning, when we originally met and interviewed Brandy during her solo-only beginning, we never thought she would become a hardcore porn star. She even chided us during her debut interview for using the word "tits." We felt like teachers being reprimanded by a student.

Brandy: "Boobs or breasts are all right. I don't care for names like tits and other words like them."

SCORELAND: So a guy should never talk to a girl about her body?

Brandy: Not right away. There should at least be some conversation first. You can't make it sound like all you care about is my breasts.

SCORELAND: When is it okay for a guy to talk about a girl's body?

Brandy: After they say hello, at least.

SCORELAND: So, "Hello. Nice tits," is good?

Brandy: No, never say nice tits or nice rack.

SCORELAND: Nice rack isn't good?

Brandy: No, I hate that. And at least try to have a conversation. I even once had a guy tell me that he hates big boobs because girls with big boobs are fat and ugly, and he said, 'You're totally different. I saw your butt first, then your face, and you're so cute, and then I saw you had big boobs, and I was shocked.' I didn't go out with him, but I took his compliment.

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