Autumn-Jade: Southern Gal Cools Off

Autumn-Jade: Southern Gal Cools Off

Autumn-Jade's first time modeling was at the SCORE studio in London. It was May, 1998. We flew Autumn-Jade from Alabama as soon as we could because we knew she was a firecracker and had covergirl looks. She turned out to be extremely sweet and eager. Over the years we knew her, Autumn-Jade never acted like she was "all that." She was very down-to-earth.

"I was 18 when I started dancing. I worked in a chicken plant. A girlfriend of mine at the time told me that I could make money just by dancing in a bikini. We both went to the club in Huntsville [Alabama] and auditioned and they said we could both work. I quit my job the next week. Then I went from bikini to T-backs to topless, then I went to nude."

Later on, Autumn-Jade changed clubs and danced at Platinum Place in Memphis, Tennessee.

"I guess I could be a feature dancer. I just don't want to. I'd rather be a house dancer. I just like sitting there relaxing and not having to be the main attraction. There's like 100 girls a night. I work at a big club and there's a lot of girls from magazines. I really don't like being the main one anyway."

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