Lulu Devine: Fireplace Bra-Buster

Lulu Devine: Fireplace Bra-Buster

"My breasts weigh 18 pounds each!" Lulu Devine said in a 1993 SCORE interview. "I weighed them on a digital scale and, believe it or not, my back doesn't hurt at all."

Lulu and sister Toppsy Curvey became known outside of the exotic dancer and big-bust modeling world because of their habit of running onto major league baseball fields during games in progress and trying to snog the ballplayers.

"I became a Blue Jays fan because, when I started running out onto baseball fields, the first time was in Toronto. The fans were really responsive to me and enjoyed it. Plus, the ballplayers and the organization were good about it. Now the Blue Jays love me because every time I run out they win. Not that they wouldn't win without me, but they now call me the Lucky Bandit.

"I call Toppsy the Kiss of Death, because sometimes the home team loses when she runs out. She'll probably get on me a little for telling you this, but I only call her that for kicks. The truth is that Toppsy is getting so popular that she gets more press than the players, and she deserves it. Toppsy is one of the hardest working dancers, and the baseball thing is just as important to her, so she puts a lot of effort into it. I admire her for that. Most people think it's a mindless thing, but not with Toppsy. She probably knows more about baseball than the players, but she has bad luck sometimes. One time the poor guy she kissed ended up with a groin injury!"

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