The Danish Queen Regine

The Danish Queen Regine

The name Regine means queen. This Danish busty blonde was photographed in her homeland by one of our contributing pro cameramen. Finding Danish girls with big tits who will pose nude was never easy.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get any detailed information about a model, but in Regine's case, she was more than accommodating, thanks to her photographer.

"I perform as a dancer all over Denmark and Germany. Danish striptease dancers are usually engaged for one show at a time and not engaged permanently by a certain club. I also have an everyday job as well. You might call it striptease glamour, with lingerie and elegant costumes. Nothing vulgar. It is not like the lap dancing you see in America or Great Britain. I find that men react differently to a woman who dances and models than to other women. In my spare time, I like to sing, dance and write song texts.

"The Danish people are very liberal. You can bathe nude almost everywhere, and there is a nude Danish girl every day on page nine of the Danish daily Ekstra Bladet. There is also a nude Danish girl every week in the weekly family, gossip and TV magazine, Se og Hor.

"The first time I posed was mainly to provoke my mother. But then I found that I enjoyed modeling. I only think about doing my best, that's all. But I do hope that I inspire sexual excitement."

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