Adina & Ariana

Adina & Ariana

Ariana calls for a massage. Adina arrives, lugging her massage table. Ariana strips nude and gets on the table, ready for a rubbing by soft, feminine hands. Adina oils Ariana's sexy skin and starts her massage. Ariana is so intoxicating and her body so erotic that Adina, who has a hot body herself, forgets the rules of the professional masseuse.

They rub tits and pussies, and after toweling off the oil, get busy with fingers, tongues and toys. Adina pulls out a giant dildo from her bag of tricks to stick in their pussies. For the big lesbian climax, Adina puts on a strap-on cock and fucks Ariana from behind and on top. Exhausted, the girls curl up and cuddle.

About Ariana, Adina said, "Usually I am attracted to tan, hard blondes, but Ariana is beautiful. This wasn't my first time with another girl."

As things turned out, modeling was a brief fling for both Ariana and Adina. Adina did one hardcore scene with a guy. Ariana did not. A few months after the Cruise, Ariana and a SCORE photographer went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a shooting session. Lovette and Via Paxton also went, but the three girls didn't cross paths.

SCORE editor Dave Rosenbaum noted, "Adina told us she found us on the Internet, and that was a bit unusual. We're talking way before the era of Facebook and Twitter. Nowadays, it seems as if every girl comes our way through social media. Back then? Not many."

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