Erica Everest: A Bed Is Her Stage

Erica Everest: A Bed Is Her Stage

Watching Erica Everest oil her busty showgirl body is a great way to either start or end the day.

Erica didn't make many videos during her career as a feature dancer and big-bust magazine model.

That's some gigantic vibrator Erica sinks into her pussy in this video. Does she go for size when it comes to men?

"As long as a guy knows how to use it, penis size doesn't matter to me," Erica said about sex. "I just like it when a guy takes good care of his body.

"Men hit on me a lot. Not because they know what I do, so I really don't know why they do. It gets annoying sometimes, but it's also very flattering. I'm actually very shy, so a lot of times I like my space."

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