Coco's slow, comfortable cum

Coco de Marq is a 52-year-old divorcee from Prague, Czech Republic who likes to wear short dresses that show off her nice legs. When this scene opens, she's lying on a couch and wearing a very short skirt and playing with her tits through her blouse. Then this blonde hottie slowly strips down to her leopard-print bra and panties and takes them off, silently teasing us, her breathing becoming heavier as she gets hornier.

"I am not a nudist or a swinger, but I have a lot of sex. Sometimes every day," said Coco, who's a waitress. "Sometimes twice a day. I am divorced and I don't have any children, so I am free to do whatever I wish."

We asked Coco to describe her perfect evening, and she said, "Dinner with a nice man, a glass of wine in the bath with him and then end up in bed."

Fucking, of course. Most of Coco's days end with fucking, and a lot of them start with sex, too.

"If I go to bed with a man, I will wake him up by sitting on his face and giving him a blow job," she said. "That way, I can get my pussy eaten, too, which is my favorite."

Another favorite: anal sex. "Not always, but sometimes it can be very exciting and fulfilling."

She's into doing things that are exciting.

"I got licked under the table in quite a fancy restaurant. There were long tablecloths, so nobody knew. He went under the table, hiked up my dress and ate my pussy. I came in 20 seconds, I was so turned on. I wanted to return the favor and suck his cock, but our food came."

And later, she made sure her date came. Coco doesn't leave anyone hanging.

Coco's slow, comfortable cum

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