Kamille Amora: Throat Star

It's great to see Kamille Amora again. She's been busy with her music but she found the time to visit her friends at XLGirls.

Kamille is in bed adjusting the straps on her new dress. She asks Nicky Rebel to come into the bedroom and give her his opinion. As soon as he sees how Kamille's huge tits are close to overflowing the top of her dress, Nicky is all over her.

Nicky fingers and licks her pussy. You know what that means.... They're not going out to dinner tonight. He'd rather eat at the Y. Nicky loves Kamille's dress so much, he has to take it off her. Kamille's pussy-pleasing pearl panties get pulled off fast too, leaving her only wearing her stripper heels.

Kamille gives his cock and balls intense oral worship. She drools over his meat, deep-throating him, and offers her heavy boobs for tit-fucking. Playing tit for tat, Nicky offers Kamille a pony ride. A born cowgirl, Kamille climbs on top and rides. An experienced rider, Kamille turns around to bounce on his fuck-stick some more. Kamille on her knees, big ass up, is a nice sight for the spank bank. It won't be long before Nicky makes a deposit all over this hot XLGirls alumnus.

Kamille Amora: Throat Star

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