One of Lissa Hope's two fuck scenes

When I asked Lissa Hope, a naturally super-stacked 19-year-old from Utah, where guys' eyes go when they meet her, she said, "They usually go to my boobs but then they tell me I have pretty eyes." And if she asked them what color her eyes are? "They usually aren't able to answer. They'll usually tell me, 'I just know that they're the color of the ocean.' But they aren't."

Then I asked her, "How about your hair? Do they usually know your hair color?" and she said, "No, but I don't expect them to. I usually automatically assume that they look at my boobs first, but that's okay. They're there and I'm proud of them. I like the way I look."

The guy in this scene definitely loves her boobs. He worships them, as he should. But he probably didn't know what color her eyes are or even if she has eyes, so focused was he on her tits. As for her hair, he knows about her pussy hair because he fucked her.

Lissa's time as a SCORE Group model was short and sweet: four solo scenes and two hardcores over a four-day period in May 2019. I thought for sure she'd return or go on to porn stardom, but she dropped out completely. Disappeared. That's sad, but I'm just happy we had her.

One of Lissa Hope's two fuck scenes

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