F Student

Gracie isn't the best student.
School isn't really her thing. Cocks are. She's earned her share of Fs­--on her report card and in her bed. Her tutor tried his best, but all Gracie cares about is sex. "My tutor said he was worried about my grades, but I saw his hard-on. I knew he wanted to fuck as much as I did."

Did you learn anything?
"Yeah, that he has a big cock and his cum tastes good. But the other stuff, like deep throating, licking balls, riding and getting fucked hard in doggie-style, I already knew all that. But I'm always happy to revisit that material. If sex were graded, I'd get an A."

Is this what your future lessons will look like?
"I hope so. I might invite a girlfriend over so we can have three-way lessons. I just need to figure out how to pass my classes so my parents keep paying for my tutor!"

F Student

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