Stress Buster

It takes the right babe for the right job and that job is stress busting by mouth, tits and pussy. The right babe? A bouncing Czech named Veronika, a true stress buster.

We are in Prague, one of the world's best cities for big titties. They've got some crazy little women here. To handle a babe like Veronika, a good mechanic is called for, so we've set her up with human ramrod Neeo. Veronika gets the hard pounding and the messy jizzing she so richly deserves, her huge jugs jiggling all the way.

"There are two things I like best of all," Veronika said. "Sex and shopping. I can have both in porn. I love the attention I get because of my tits. It's flattering. That's why I wear expressive clothes that are stretchy and show cleavage. I buy my bras in specialty stores.

"I am very passive. You can see this in my videos. I like the man to lead me. I like a man who is an animal in bed and controls me. I think many women like this. I love getting oral and I love getting my nipples sucked and licked. My favorite position is doggie. I have never had sex in public. In the video for this scene I swallow, but it depends on my mood if I swallow or spit. If his cum tastes good, I swallow it!"

Stress Buster

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