The Melons Of Diamond Knights

Diamond Knights is a Georgia peach. The melons she holds in her hands are tiny compared to the hooters she proudly possesses. Comparing the size of the cantaloupe to one of her treasures is like comparing a baseball to a basketball. Diamond says she loves to see a man cumming.

"It turns me on to see my partner orgasm," Diamond says. That's a worthy goal. XL Girls made Diamond happy by providing that very thing...a man to cum all over her after fucking her pussy and huge tits.

"I like to take control in bed, but sometimes I like a man to take control of me. Sometimes I will wait and sometimes I'm horny enough to take the initiative. I love men. I'm not turned on by women. If I don't have a boyfriend, I'll masturbate with a toy or my fingers, sometimes at night or sometimes in the morning when I wake up, the first thing before I get out of bed.

"I felt very relaxed in this scene and I enjoyed the sex because being relaxed made me feel horny. His cock tasted good. I like a guy who tastes fresh and clean and is big enough to fill my mouth."

The Melons Of Diamond Knights

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