Anal in the morning with Lucky Starr

When Lucky Starr, 46, gets out of her car, we see she's wearing fuck-me pumps and a short, tight skirt that hugs her body. Very nice. But, at least for now, she's not here to fuck. She and her friend, Kate, have planned a spa day.

But when Lucky knocks on the door, nobody answers. She knocks again. No answer, so she calls Kate on her cell phone. Kate says she won't be home for an hour and tells Lucky to let herself in through Connor's room. Connor is Kate's son.

So Lucky walks around back and quietly lets herself in. Connor is lying on his back, sleeping, shirtless, and Lucky is intrigued. She walks over to his bed and lightly touches his body. She pulls down the sheets then pulls down his shorts. No surprise: Connor has morning wood. Surprise: Lucky starts to stroke it, at which point Connor wakes up.

"Don't be alarmed," Lucky says.

"What are you doing?" he asks.

Stroking his cock, obviously.

"Your mom and I were supposed to have a spa day, but she's going to be a little late, so I hope you don't mind," she tells him. "I'm sorry, but I just can't pass this up. I won't tell if you won't tell."

"Okay," he stammers.

Looks like Lucky is going to kill most of the next hour by sucking her best friend's son's cock. They also 69.

"Don't tell your mom," she tells him.

Exactly. "Don't tell your mom that you ate my pussy. Don't tell your mom that you fucked my pussy. And definitely don't tell your mom that you fucked my tight, old ass and came all over my face."

Some people kill time. Lucky makes the most of every minute.

Anal in the morning with Lucky Starr

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