All for the breasts

"Some women think that my breasts are not natural. After they see me, they start to whisper and giggle. But after talking with me about my breasts, their attitude changes and they become normal."

Samantha Lily said this to me when I asked her how women react to her when they see her in different social settings.

At first, Samantha was on the fence about modeling, so we assigned her a female photographer to put her at ease. She was a veterinary science major at a university and webcamming when we contacted her.

"This is my first time modeling, and I decided to model when SCORE Group emailed me," she said.

Samantha was a natural in front of the camera in more ways than one. She reminded me of the naturals of the 1990s, who were mostly British with some Germans, Czechs and Poles in the mix.

"My boobs are very heavy," she said. "When I was younger, my back hurt so I did some exercises to make my muscles stronger, and after that, I didn't have back pain anymore. So now I feel good."

All for the breasts

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