Effie Balconi: One Good Stroke Deserves Another

Effie Balconi: One Good Stroke Deserves Another

Effie Balconi picks up a magazine, and as she looks at the pictures of semi-naked and naked models, she fondles her voluptuous body and strokes her pussy with her fingers. This theme--a girl looking at a men's magazine and getting horny--never gets old. Today, the magazine would be swapped for a tablet or phone. The tech changes but the basics don't.

Effie was often one of the major go-to girls for Voluptuous magazine editors when they were creating a hirsute special. When she was scheduled for a trip to London, they specifically asked her to not shave her pubic hair and to let it grow.

"I've always been very hairy," Effie was quoted as saying in July 1996 Voluptuous. "Most people I know want me to shave so they can see my lips more but I like to live natural. This is the way I like to leave my body."

Effie was one of those girls who loses herself when she's on-camera. She also welcomed being told what to do by the photographer and was always a pleasure on the set and off.

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