Messy Lexi Slade & Her Big Areolae

Lexi Slade was a sales rep when she realized she could do much better getting sexy and hot on-camera. Korina Kova spotted her and suggested she expand her horizons and her purse by connecting with SCORE.

Lexi talked about sex because inquiring minds wanted to know.

Sex with girls:

"Oh yes, I guess I'll tell you about my first girl encounter. She was my best friend! We always called each other wife and we love each other dearly. I believe we had a rave and it ended up turning into an orgy afterwards."

Sex in public:

"I've had a few public sex encounters. My first was with my first boyfriend in my best friend's apartment staircase. Yes, we almost got caught, and yes, it was worth it. From there, I had many car sex encounters with boyfriends. Because we definitely did not want to have sex in our parents' homes."

Blow jobs:

"I have only swallowed for one guy and it's my current partner for almost three years. It was such a turn-on for me."

Anal play:

"I just recently got into anal play. I haven't tried licking anyone but I don't mind if they do it to me. Fingering is awesome."

Messy Lexi Slade & Her Big Areolae

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