Titter Tugger

Christy Marks is in love with cock. She loves hard, thick cocks she can play with, suck, fuck, crush between her large fun-pillows and rub until the damned things squirt their payloads. Cocks have a habit of blowing up in Christy's face. The ultimate girl-next-door knows she's at fault.

Here's Christy's cock philosophy: "Over eight inches is just a waste. It's too much. You can have a guy who's anywhere between six and a little below eight inches, and if he knows what to do with it, that's enough. Twelve inches? That hurts. I mean, I wouldn't know because I've never had a guy with 12 inches, but I'd imagine that it hurts."

Did Christy say that because she's young?

"No, I feel that way because I'm tight and shallow!"

Watch agile and acrobatic Christy jerk this jacker off with her lovely hands and 44-inch hooters in ways that shocked the Kinsey Institute.

Titter Tugger

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